Jan 30, 2013 19:24 pm - Posted by Marcia

You think you’re doing a good thing for your body by purchasing organic milk– but is it really healthy? Not necessarily. Just because a food is organic doesn’t mean it’s full of health-giving nutrients. Take a look at the organic milk cartons I purchased during the holidays (see below). I bought the milk on Dec. 22, 2012, and the “sell by” date is Jan. 24, 2013. How could milk stay fresh that long? The answer is right on the carton; it’s ultra pasteurized! That process destroys any pathogens, but it also destroys all the beneficial nutrients! If you’re drinking milk for the calcium it offers (unless it’s raw milk), you can meet your calcium needs from other nutritious foods such as: unsweetened yogurt, kefir, cheese (preferably raw), green leafy vegetables, broccoli, sesame seeds, chia seeds, almonds, dried figs, beans, sardines and salmon (with bones).

ultra pasturized organic milk

Ultra Pasturized!

organic milk expiration date

Purchased on 12/22/12 - Expiration date is 1/24/13

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