Dec 03, 2012 20:19 pm - Posted by Marcia

I am a resident of New Jersey, and if I’ve learned anything about “hurricane preparation” in the aftermath of Sandy, it’s this: even though the power may be out for an extended period of time (9 days in my case), you can still eat healthfully! And with all the stressful aftermath of a storm like “Sandy”, it’s important to keep your immune system strong by eating healthy and nutritious foods.

After seeing the pictures of all the destruction on the news, how to prepare for a hurricane, or any disaster for that matter, is probably on the minds of everyone in the country right now. I’m confident that from this day forward, all residents of New Jersey will take “hurricane preparation” seriously, and they will have food, batteries, lanterns, paper goods, and medical supplies stored in their homes at all times!! You never know what Mother Nature might throw your way!

The pictures below will give you some great “hurricane preparation” ideas for your non-perishable pantry.

protein, greens, fruit, and electolytes

healthy perishables

hurricane staples

non-perishable snacks

sandwich ingredients

healthy fruits and vegetables

This was the only chocolate I had in the house…..but it served it’s purpose!

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