Sep 11, 2012 18:18 pm - Posted by Marcia

Today, I’m going to share some cooking tips that I have found to be especially helpful. How many times have you followed a recipe to the letter, and it turned out to be a failure? Or how about the recipe you’ve made hundreds of times that all of a sudden won’t come out right. There are many variables when baking that can cause less than desirable results. Two you may not have thought about are: the size of the eggs you are using, and the accuracy of your measuring cups.

Both of the organic eggs in the picture below are “large” eggs from the same carton. The variation in size can make a big difference in the outcome of a recipe.

cooking tips

Take a look at the two different styles of measuring cups below. One measuring cup is viewed from the side, and the other measuring cup is viewed from the top. I poured juice into each “Pyrex” measuring cup and transferred the juice into two of the same size glass cups. By weighing the two glasses I was able to determine that the measuring cup viewed from the side is the accurate one.

cooking tips

measuring cups

Feel free to send in some of your favorite cooking tips.

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