Spelt Desserts

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Dark unsweetened chocolate is high in antioxidants and flavonoids. Butter is a rich source of vitamins, trace minerals, and fatty acids. Grass fed butter contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Coconut palm sugar and agave are natural low-glycemic sweeteners full of vitamins and minerals.
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Enjoy Healthy Cookies - Spelt Flour Makes a Great Cookie "This website is terrific! I just made the spelt chocolate chip cookies. The recipe was easy to follow and took no time to make. The cookies were delicious! "Tim S. --NJ When I first began thinking about making the perfect homem
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"Won 1st prize in 2 recipe contests" This fresh apple cake recipe came from my aunt's recipe box, and it is a delicious bundt cake! The original fresh apple cake recipe called for refined sugar, refined flour and refined vegetable oil. I substituted them with all natural ingredients, and
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Bursting with Natural Sweetness I wanted to recapture old fashioned goodness with this soft oatmeal raisin cookies recipe. Because oatmeal is in the name, you might feel like you are "behaving" when eating an oatmeal cookie. So why not make healthier soft oatmeal raisin cookies using sp