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Jan 30, 2013 19:24 pm - Posted by
You think you're doing a good thing for your body by purchasing organic milk-- but is it really healthy? Not necessarily. Just because a food is organic doesn't mean it's full of health-giving nutrients. Take a look at the organic milk cartons I purchased during the holidays (see below). I
Dec 03, 2012 20:19 pm - Posted by
I am a resident of New Jersey, and if I've learned anything about "hurricane preparation" in the aftermath of Sandy, it's this: even though the power may be out for an extended period of time (9 days in my case), you can still eat healthfully! And with all the stressful aftermath of a stor
Sep 11, 2012 18:18 pm - Posted by
Today, I'm going to share some cooking tips that I have found to be especially helpful. How many times have you followed a recipe to the letter, and it turned out to be a failure? Or how about the recipe you've made hundreds of times that all of a sudden won't come out right. There are man
Aug 08, 2012 21:37 pm - Posted by
Over the years I have accumulated quite a few baking and cooking tips from magazines, newspapers, and other cooks. Here are some of my favorites. If you would like to share some of your favorite cooking tips post them below in the comments section. Thanks! Scoop Measuring Flour Keep a clean tongue depressor or popsicle stick in the flour canister and use it to level off your measurement after dipping the scoop into the flour. Leaving Visual Cues When Baking After placing the flour into the mixing b
Jul 23, 2012 23:41 pm - Posted by
It’s a sign of the times when well-known name brands, like Frito-Lay and UTZ, are using healthier ingredients in their products. All four brands of tortilla chips being reviewed here contain organic blue corn. That’s especially important because most conventionally grown corn is geneti