About Me

Marcia SlawsonMy story is not an uncommon one. Nineteen years ago, my son was put on a wheat-free diet to help alleviate his asthma symptoms, which were quite severe. In just three weeks, we saw an incredible improvement. So began my quest to learn everything I could about nutrition and how to bake and cook without using wheat.

Back then the term “gluten-free” wasn’t even on the radar. We didn’t have access to an endless amount of information from the Internet, so I began seeking out recipes from the few cookbooks available. My choices were limited, and everything I made tasted like it was missing something. I had no choice but to improvise and create more delicious versions of these mediocre recipes. Like everyone, I was using refined sugar in those days, not knowing how harmful it was to our health, so it wasn’t too difficult to make great tasting meals and baked goods. In fact, some of the baked goods were so good that the entire family devoured them.

Interestingly enough, my son always had beautiful clear skin, while many of his friends had acne. My younger son was not as fortunate; he had one of the most severe cases of acne I had ever seen. Eliminating wheat and processed foods from his diet cleared up his skin problem, improved his general health, and helped him lose some excess weight as well.

Now it was time for me to get on board. I took all my self-taught knowledge about nutrition and turned my kitchen into a healthy eating haven for all of us. I became a regular at the health food store, and even took it one step further; I enrolled in and completed a Nutritional Counselor Certification program.

I love good food and I don’t like to feel deprived! When I couldn’t find recipes that met my criteria for healthy ingredients and delicious taste, I set out to create my own. I have had a lot fun using all natural ingredients to make traditional recipes healthier and delicious. My family and friends think the recipes I have created are the best they ever tasted and encouraged me to make them available online.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my recipes with you on this website and in my dessert recipe eBooks, as well as to provide you with up-to-the minute healthy eating information.

I want you to have fun with food and healthy eating, and I want you to be able to eat in the real world. Most of all, I want you to enjoy good health!