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Welcome to Mom's Healthy Eats. I'm Marcia, the mom, and I believe food that is good for you can still be delicious! Healthy eating is not simply the goal; it's a journey. It is learning how to find more nourishing versions of the foods you eat now without sacrificing great taste. If you want a cookie, make it nutritious!

My recipes are simple, quick, and easy; they require only the right ingredients and a little know-how. You can try something new for dinner or whip up a batch of cookies or apple crisp whenever a recipe hums to you.

The recipes here at Mom's Healthy Eats and in my dessert recipe eBooks, show you how to make your favorite recipes healthier AND delicious! And many are gluten free, too. So start browsing recipes and be sure to check out my product reviews, pantry guide, healthy ingredient list and other resources that will help you discover just how easy healthy eating can be!

dessert recipes
Jan 28, 2013 19:44 pm - Posted by

Who doesn’t love the comfort of a warm bowl of baked rice pudding on a cold winter day? When it’s made with healthy ingredients, you can feel like you’re doing something good for your health! And best of all, this baked rice pudding is gluten-free and dairy-free. Brown rice is …

Jan 15, 2013 20:34 pm - Posted by

Halva is one of my favorite sweet treats! There are several different types of halva, but this seed and nut based recipe is a relatively dense sweet confection popular in the Mediterranean and Balkan regions. Most types of halva are sweetened with honey or sugar. When prepared with raw honey …

from our blog
Jan 30, 2013 19:24 pm - Posted by

You think you’re doing a good thing for your body by purchasing organic milk– but is it really healthy? Not necessarily. Just because a food is organic doesn’t mean it’s full of health-giving nutrients. Take a look at the organic milk cartons I purchased during the holidays (see below). I …

Dec 03, 2012 20:19 pm - Posted by

I am a resident of New Jersey, and if I’ve learned anything about “hurricane preparation” in the aftermath of Sandy, it’s this: even though the power may be out for an extended period of time (9 days in my case), you can still eat healthfully! And with all the stressful …

Sep 11, 2012 18:18 pm - Posted by

Today, I’m going to share some cooking tips that I have found to be especially helpful. How many times have you followed a recipe to the letter, and it turned out to be a failure? Or how about the recipe you’ve made hundreds of times that all of a sudden …